It’s no secret that our great state is at a political low point. Corrupt republican officials are running this state without regard for science, decent budgeting principles, or even the well-being of Wisconsinites. Scarier still, we Wisconsin Democrats only have one shot to get this right: there is only one full cycle of our state senate before the 2020 census.

Our party doesn’t just need a rebrand; it needs a total rebuild. This means attracting those to the left of the traditional party base by being true to our principles and resisting for the sake of those who are being trampled on by republican officials. At the same time, we must welcome those that are more middle-of-the-road without sacrificing our integrity. It’s a difficult task. But to win the 2018 elections, we must do more than resist, we must present a real vision for democracy that voters can get behind.

By embracing the next generation of leadership, we will rebuild ourselves from the ground up, looking at all aspects of our campaigns and operations, and recommit ourselves to solidifying our organizing fundamentals, competing in more elections, using proven organizing methods, and finding new ways to get our messages out across the state. The DPW will become an organization focused on education & empowerment, and Wisconsin will do our part to help take back the House of Representatives in 2018. Together, we will make the DPW into a model organization that other liberal state parties will follow as we approach 2020.


Vote for Eric Finch June 3rd at the state convention in Middleton.