Whatever label you want to apply, I’m an unabashedly progressive Democrat. I’m passionate about changing our laws to be more reasonable, truly equitable, and well-suited to our digital age. In order to win elections, we must stick to our principles. It’s by standing firm on the issues that we will move forward to victory!

I’ve served as an attorney and advisor for various non-profits in times of crisis.
Whether organizations were just starting, dealing with litigation, or figuring out how to move forward when a treasurer runs off with the money, I have experience working with volunteer groups to achieve their goals in the toughest of times. To great extent, this is what the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is right now: a non-profit in crisis. I’m here to get us through the challenges we face.

I’ve fought against big banks on behalf of people facing foreclosure.
As an attorney I’ve taken on big banks on behalf of single moms, financially illiterate widows, and families torn apart by incarceration. We all know that many of these large organizations have tried to rig the game. I have experience fighting back and getting results against corporations.

I’ve advocated for victims of sexual abuse, both in the U.S. and abroad.
When I say that we as Democrats must be committed to protecting our most vulnerable citizens, I say it as someone that has walked the walk. In the United States, I’ve played an advocacy role as an attorney. Abroad, I worked with the Kenya Human Rights Commission, the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA Kenya), and others to successfully modernize elements of Kenya’s national sexual crimes laws. If I can get laws changed in a foreign country, I can do it at home in Wisconsin.

I’ve worked with campaigns, candidates, and activists all over the United States.
I’ve served in a variety of roles for political campaigns and causes. After law school, I followed the example of President Obama, working as a community organizer in Seattle. I have on-the-ground experience in seven states, and I’ve been an advisor for campaigns and causes in many others. This includes work in the field, with digital tools, helping fundraise, advising candidates, serving as an attorney, volunteering, working with grassroots lobbying efforts, poll observing (most recently for Hillary in 2016), and performing other roles. I’ve knocked over 15,000 doors and made over 18,000 political calls in last 6 years. When I took a sabbatical from law practice in 2014, so that my wife and I could return to Wisconsin for her career, I went to work as a field organizer for the Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign. That year, I was the top caller in the campaign, only one other organizer was within 1,000 calls. I’ve shown that I’ll outwork anyone. But for us to succeed, we must work smarter, not just work harder. We need a better gameplan. That’s why I’m running for Chair. I’m ready to lead us in all facets of our political efforts as we move forward to victory.