Eric Finch is an unapologetic progressive running for Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Democrats need a truly progressive leader to bring us forward to victory. As an attorney and activist, Eric has gained the legal, political, and organizational management experience to lead Democrats to victories across Wisconsin in 2018.

Eric brings the best blend of old and new organizing methods. He’s been on the ground for a variety of causes, while also having worked extensively in technology in the real world. He will ensure our digital organizing tools improve and that our ground game is strong.

Democrats haven’t won a statewide fall race since voter ID became law, with the lone exception of Douglas La Follette’s election as Secretary of State in 2014 – a position that has been stripped of power by the GOP. Eric will bring dynamic strategies to combat voter suppression, having been involved with voter protection teams in Wisconsin during every fall cycle since 2012.

As the GOP has tried to make it harder for Americans to exercise their constitutional rights, Eric has already fought back through innovative efforts like an employer-based program that was piloted over the last three years, registering well over a thousand people in 2016. Expansion of efforts like these will be a crucial part of leveling the playing field for Democratic candidates in 2018.

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Vote for Eric Finch June 3rd at the state convention in Middleton.


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